Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | Los Cabo’s finest chefs unite within our Five Star Resort and align with a hand-selected Mexican artists to take you on a sensory journey unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Surround yourself with creativity while feasting on an incredible tasting menu with wine pairings. This unique evening begins with a cocktail party, art display and unforgettable live music.


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GUEST ARTISTS Working Their Magic

Tanya Talamante From doing site inspections, managing projects, designing furniture, design execution and painting, Tanya describes herself in her own words: “I am very fortunate to be able to diversify my work in a dynamic and creative way, curating art, representing artists, organizing art workshops, integrating designs, enhancing interiors, spaces, and achieving a more aesthetically, harmonious and pleasing environment for my clients”.
Francois Paris From the suburbs of Paris, to California, to Cabo. His paintings are usually started with no preconceived idea. He lets himself be taken for a drive and is surprised by his reaction of the end product. He makes his own rules, he then adapts, controls and  masters them, to finally get to this idea, the creative impulse of the unconscious departure.

Ivan Guadarrama He has taken a more interactive direction with his art work in an attempt to bridge the gap between artist and viewer. To him, art is about love, God, and connection between us all. Guaderrama created paintings, sculptures, and benches that would sing, light, and come to life only with the interaction of the observer be it through the touch of a hand or a change in light.
Elisa Pasquel Born and trained in Monterrey, the works of Elisa Pasquel are organic and seem to be obtained by the same token. Exploring painting, sculptures, graphics and engraving, Elisa has dedicated her life to visual arts and solely relies on her imagination to create. Circles are a primary theme throughout Elisa’s work, for they represent no beginning nor end, thus leaving her pieces open to a similar interpretation.

Juan Carlos Breceda Applying rough brush strokes of contrasting colors, discarding depth or perspective, Breceda creates simple forms filled with energy. Women and animals are the central theme in his work. Most of hisartwork is COBRA-style, mixed-media on paper. His works share an intensity in the color schemes, a thrust in the brush work, an energy bordering on fierceness and sternness.
 “El Nacho” Nacho Gallardo was born in Mexico City and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Desigb University. The main focus of his work is the creation of artist’s books. Nacho’s lifes work thus far has been to recreate each book as a precious art object. Gallardo’s work is done with creative ingenuity and fine impressions, rethinking and rekindling a culture of appreciation for the printed book.


Art, Food, Drinks & Live Music  

Seize the opportunity to sample delectable cuisine, wines and art from a smorgasbord of Cabo’s talented chefs, mixologists and artists.

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